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Lake Front Homes | Lakeland TN
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Whether you want several acres of land for horses or a farm, an upscale tightknit neighborhood with amenities, a house on hole 7, or a beautiful view of the lake, Lakeland offers outstanding residential options for everyone.  Existing homes in Lakeland average $270,000 and new construction averages $474,000 making it one of the highest averages in Shelby County.  Although the residential market in our city is booming, our smart design guidelines, tree management ordinances, and vision-driven planning processes ensure the preservation of our natural assets and historic beauty.  Some of the developments devote as much as 40% of their acreage to conversations areas, and integrated pathways allow you to run, walk, and bike throughout the neighborhoods.

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Current Lakeland Neighborhoods

We invite you to explore our wonderful neighborhoods.  Each development has its own character, unique assets, and welcoming individuals.

Pending Subdivisions

Due to its popularity and premier school system, Lakeland has over a dozen pending residential developments.  Stay tuned as we continue to grow.

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Park Playground | Lakeland TN
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